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"Challenge Accepted"

Challenges, activities and resources from the Centrepoint engagement team.

Coronavirus & Its impact

The impact of COVID-19 has been huge, and inescapable for us all. But, for young people experiencing homelessness or social exclusion, it is even more devastating.

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Centrepoint young people

In homes and hostels across the country - bored and afraid - young people are looking at their phones and TVs searching for reassurance and hope. They seek a sense of connection and community, despite being alone in isolation.

Social networks have gone back to their origins. They are being used as the connecting tools which they were intended to be from the very beginning: bringing people together when they need it most.

And this is where you can help. Together we can help young people remain engaged, active and connected during self- isolation. Every two weeks, for as long as we are unable to deliver our usual Engagement programmes, we will be launching three exciting challenges around the themes of our regular activity: Arts & Culture, Sport, and Food. All activities and challenges can be done with minimal resources, in any space.

So, think you're ready for a challenge?

Pick from our current challenges below - and don't forget to let us know how you get on!

D151 Engagement Pack WEB 440X280 WEEK5 SPORT STEP UP

Step Up!

As part of Centrepoint’s ‘Move in May’ campaign, we want to see you all STEP UP! Just complete 110 step ups - onto bottom step, step box etc - in the fastest time possible. Let’s see those fast feet!

D151 Engagement Pack WEB 440X280 WEEK5 ART SOCK SCRIBBLE


Our friends at Stance want you to come up with some new designs for them. They want to see your sickest socks... and who knows, you might even see your ‘scribble’ on a real pair socks.

Download your Stance sock template here.

D151 Engagement Pack WEB 440X280 WEEK5 FOOD FLOURLESS BAKE

Flourless Bake

We want to see your best bakes, and there’s only one rule: no flour! Get creative... we can’t wait to see your flourless showstoppers!

Information You'll need

Staff Information

If you're a member of staff looking to get young people involved with a challenge, find out more information on our services and how to carry out the tasks safely here.

How to take part

If you're keen to get involved with a challenge, you can find out more information on how to join in and where to send your completed challenge here.